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▶ Finally some good news!

So I bought a new laptop and should be moving very soon! My apologies for neither Admin having internet right now. I’m sure people can understand life throws curve balls and hopeful both of us will be able to pay for it again soon! :) Thank you all for being patient and understand with us! People send a message or add me on skype (maddytackett) if you have an questions, comments or concerns! 

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If I could, I would like to place a reservation on Sai.

Sai is now reserved!

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▶ Thursday || Group Activity

This Thursday will be the first group activity. Everyone please be prepared and ready! Also, apologies for the lack of activity. I currently have no internet and am attempting to finish signing up for college classes, as well as finding a job. Tomorrow is the last day of college sorting and activity will be greater! Thank you all for your patience and apologies yet again. 

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▶ Kiba, TenTen and Naruto are now open!

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▶ Sasubun: App for Tayuya.

Activeness:  I usually get something in weekly!

Desired character:  Tayuya

Ships: I… I ship e v e r y t h i n g.

Biography: (I like to split this into past and personality)


Tayuya… let’s face it, she’s a blunt bitch. Her past filled with hurt and pain, the redhead learned to hide her vulnerability with a hard shell.  This mostly is shown by her fowl mouth, and harsh attitude. While, this can give the appearance of her saying everything she thinks, Tayuya is actually quite cunning. Often thinking of quick strategies to help her and whoever her her current comrades out.  In current events, the whole world going to hell, this attitude has helped her keep intact. Underneath it, she is still a soft and has a secret desire to be ‘saved’ from this horrific life. Most of her feelings wounded and broken, causing a lot of suicidal ideation. Although she is too proud to let others know of her inner thoughts, and will most likely ride it out until she is killed in the hands of an undead.


Arriving to her first orphanage at the age of six, the young girl didn’t remember most of what had happen before that. A blur of faces, questions, names. The reason she was here was long lost in her mind. She could barely remember her parents faces, or anything about them. Later in life she just assumed they were bad people, causing her to block out some memory. Her only possession from her dark pass being a simple cheep flute with a slight engraving. Over years she shifted around orphanages, not engaging in much but the instrument. It became her home. As consequence of moving around a lot, she was always the ‘new girl’ and got bullied as such. Soon Tayuya learned to shed her quite demeanor and asserted her dominance to those around her. A bit of a sharp tongue to anyone and anything that wasn’t her sweet flute. 

At sixteen she dropped out of school, taking up odd jobs to secure a small living. More often then not, less-than-legitimate  jobs. Someone needed to shut up here, a small peddling there. It wasn’t the best, but it taught her to be handy with a gun. Something that would be needed in the future of the world. The red head simply didn’t care, as long as she could come home and lose herself in the sweet melody of her flute. She didn’t have any aspirations, not believing they could be completed if she did have any. Although, if dreams came true, she would have played in an orchestra. 

Now she was nineteen, her once uphill battle to fight for her existence became simple. A foul-mouthed waitress by day, always on the verge of being fired, and a dealer by night. The local college was full of kids who needed her fix, and her foot in the underworld left her with connections. Gun strapped to her hip and dime bags full of snow left her comfortable. If not her brain a little melted from her often taste tests. It wasn’t hurt fault the drug was perfection, it brought the demons she was playing to life. Nothing better then seeing them dance to her tunes. 

Example of RP Skills: 

"Are you going to fucking buy it or not? I don’t have all day."  She whispered in a harsh tone as her deep brown orbs gazed upon the student. Her stuff was good, the best around that would bother showing up for some college kid. Rich, stupid children were the best for a quick sell. They didn’t know what they were buying anyway. It could be crushed Adderall at twenty fold the price for all they knew. Luckily Tayuya wasn’t interested in investing the time to swindling the kids. Unless marking up price mattered, but that was simple business. 

He held the small plastic ziplock in his twiggy fingers. Light blue eyes gazing at the product through his grease stained glasses. Like he knew what he was doing. A cocky smile on his lips as he spoke back. “I would be nice, I could call the cops.” A subtle flare of her nostril showed the comment struck into her, but probably not in the way he wanted. Without letting a moment pass, the redhead flashed a smirk of her own. She wasn’t going to let a kid with more money then sense try to play her.  

Cocking her hip out, she placed her pale hand on hilt of gun. Making the young lad painfully obvious of it’s existence. “It’s one fifty …” She said in a dry tone. There wasn’t time for games, the teenager was going to handle the situation in one way or another. If the kid wanted to leave, it could be with a bullet in his brain. “… you fucking worm.” After all, it didn’t matter what happened to Tayuya. As long as her enemies went down  with her. 

Note: Sorry it’s late. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know she was put on hold for me.(/_\)

Thank you for applying! The application has been approved. The next step for you is to write your Initial Reaction Drabble! Welcome Tayuya!

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▶ Important Message: On Hold

If you reserved a character the application needs to be turned in within the next 48 hours. If you were approved for a character, you have 48 hours to create a blog and turn it in. If these deadlines are not met, the characters will be reopened.

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Characters put On Hold are only saved for 3 days! If an application is not turned in during this amount of time they character will be opened for another to place On Hold. This does not mean you cannot turn in an application, you are still free to do so! :)

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▶ Tayuya is now On Hold!

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▶ TenTen is now On Hold!

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